In this service, you can retrieve the Patent Abstracts of Japan (PAJ) published since 1976 onward by keywords, publication numbers, and so on.
PAJ from January 1990(in application) onward includes the legal status information.
On the search screen, if you input keywords or publication numbers, etc., and click the "Search" button, the list of publication numbers and title of inventions as retrieval results will be displayed. Click each publication number to see corresponding PAJ and related legal status information. Computer translation enables you to get English full text information of the original gazette of PAJ. The original Japanese gazette is also available.
For details, please click on the "MENU" items below.
Since PAJ has not been publishing as an official gazette, the contents of PAJ is not verified by the JPO and the INPIT.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the details of the contents should be confirmed by the corresponding original official gazette.


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1-1 Text search screen(entry examples)

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1-5 PAJ screen

[2] Database

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